2016 Reflections

Hey Ladies, 

As we start a new year, I love to reflect on the things I learnt from the  previous year. Today, I decided to make a video discussing the things I learnt from the previous year and I hope it inspires someone today. I just want someone out there to know that they are not the only ones trying to understand the journey of adulthood. 

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FA Beauty Class - Foundation Matching, Highlight and Contour Class

Hi Everyone, 

At FA we believe in the empowerment of our ladies. This is one of the reasons we started the FA classes. The FA classes is where we have ladies  learn how to apply makeup on themselves. It is for a small group of ladies who want to learn how to work on their own features. 

Our Classes:

1. The foundation matching, Highlight and Contour class 

2. The All about the eyes class - Eyebrows, Eye-shadow application, and Lashes Application  

What does the FA class entail:

1. Personal feedback and Advise 

2. Two hours of Practice time 

3. Product Knowledge 

4. Beauty Tips and Tricks 

5. Showcase of professional techniques 

Who is the FA class for: 

1. Beginners 

2. Ladies who want to expand their knowledge 

Our classes are $60 each, But when you take both classes you pay $110. If you are retaking and of  the class again, it is a charge of $40 CAD

Note: Are you a makeup company and you want our students to test out your products or sponsor any of our classes. Please contact us  at felicheetaartistry@gmail.com


Halloween Project 2016: All that Glitters is not Gold

In life it is important to learn that not every picture is perfect. We live in a world of simulations and are thought to believe the unthinkable and unimaginable. As a deep thinkers and creatives it is important to pass on some important messages through pictures. We live in a world where it is common knowledge that the most beautiful people go through the most pain. In reference to the term “Beauty”, it is never about the physical beauty but rather individuals who are beautiful both inside and outside. The ones with the big hearts, fragile heart and caring heart. Sometimes the hurt they go through is unthinkable and unimaginable due to the fragility of their hearts but they keep loving and sharing their beautiful hearts with us.


Today, we bring to you the story through pictures of Elle who symbolizes that extremely beautiful lady you may come across every day with a beautiful heart but so much pain from broken relationships due to the fragility of her heart. If you wish to see some behind the scenes please click HERE


Model: Macayla Carlene Radke

Makeup Artist, Stylist and concept creator: Felicita Ovadje for Felicheetaartistry

Hair Styling and Extension: Alexis Ojo for D.S. Hair Extension 

Photography: Mark c. Alberto